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Hello, I'm Dominic In my own work I try to tell the untold, illuminate some of the more obscure but meaningful moments in life and, where possible, explore the interface between science and art. My inspirations include Bowie, Joni Mitchell and k.d. lang, and I am currently working on an opera about the life of Charles Darwin. With my background in teaching and individual coaching, I draw out the essence of what you want to say to your partner. Writing songs for others is a special challenge - it's taking their inspiration and turning it into a piece that holds unique meanings for both them and the person they gift the song to. A gift song doesn’t have to be all flowers and roses - songs often include the funny and the wry, and perhaps hint at a shared secret. Because it's a song written from what you say in our confidential interview, it reflects both people's personalities and ways of being. Your song can include the things you have struggled with and come through together, as well as the inspirational and your dreams for the future. We will discuss all of that in the in depth interview that forms the basis of the song. Everything is in strictest confidence (as a coach I am used to strict rules of client confidentiality, and with discussing and dealing with profoundly emotional subjects). Finally, a gift song doesn’t have to be for a partner, it could be for your closest friend, a child, a parent, a grandparent, or your daughter on her wedding day. What interests me is exploring the things that make those relationships so vital to your life, and creating something for both of you to connect through, and to. I look forward to hearing from you. Dominic Sedgwick


It's a special occasion and you are looking for a unique and unforgettable gift. A gift that leaves its recipient feeling loved, moved and fully acknowledged for who they really are. It could be your anniversary, your wedding day, the wedding day of your son or daughter, or perhaps your grandmother's birthday... What do you REALLY want to say to that person, the one you love? Could it be easier to explore that and express it in a song? First, I will email you a few questions designed to get you thinking about your relationship with the person who will receive your song as a gift, then we will have an in depth interview via phone or Skype to explore the essence of what you want to communicate. We agree a date, then I will write, perform and record your song on a 6-string or 12-string acoustic guitar, and send it to you as an mp3. Imagine their face when you press ‘Play’ on their birthday… Or when the band starts to play the first dance at your wedding? Perhaps you send it to them in a text attachment, casually, and then wait for their response… How you give the song to the one you love is up to you, but the thing that always stays the same is the amazement and joy someone feels when they get a song that is about them, and about the things that matter to you both, commissioned by you. Like Lorenzo de Medici, you can become a patron of the arts by commissioning a unique gift that becomes ‘your song’. PRICE: £475 --- CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO SAMPLES OF MY MUSIC ON SOUNDCLOUD ---

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